3.5KVA/24V inverter With 4 Solar 200 Watt Solar Panel + 2 X 200AH battery

  • 3.5kva/24V Hybrid inverter: 1
  • 200W Solar panel: 4
  • Battery rack for 4 units (optional): 1
  • Manual Change over Switch: 1
  • Inverter Installation fees (optional): 1

3,500,000 4,000,000

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The complete Solar Power solution comes with a 200watt solar panel and hybrid Inverter with an inbuilt Charge Controller of 20AMPS that enables solar to regulate its charging. The complete solar power solution also comes with 3.5KVA/24V Inverter that enables it to convert the solar power from DC to AC current to your home and office, you can also get two 200AH battery to enables it to charge and last longer for your use in your office and home. Why we are recommending complete solar power solution for our awesome customer is to easy them from stress of installation and getting all the necessary materials for installation, and makes sure there is no more unsteady power supply of the PHCN, you can now enjoy 24/7 power supply generated by yourself, It is smoke-free, it is sound free, it is maintenance-free, no petrol/diesel cost, automatic changeover (seamless), it is ozone layer friendly, there is no hidden cost, wide range of sizes, suitable for small rooms, offices, flats, duplex, Hospitals, Schools, etc.

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3.5kva Estimated load capacity: 5Fans, 30 Lighting Points × 5watts, 2 DSTV Decoder, 3LED T.V/Plasma, 2Music System, 1 Refrigerator, 6PC/Equivalent loads

Backup Period: This will give you 8hrs Backup on full load and can last up to 1days on fewer loads