Simba Solar Water Heater -120 Liters


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Solar water heating (SWH) is the conversion of sunlight into renewable energy for water heating using a solar thermal collector. Heating water with the sun is a simple concept. Its history dates back to the beginning of time.
To understand the concept, consider your garden hose. When you get a drink of water from a hose, you often have to wait for the hot water to run out before you get cold water. We can show how to harness this heat and store it for your personal use.
Presently, an electric element that comes with a never-ending monthly bill probably heats your hot water.
To collect this natural heat, simply use a collector that gathers the sun’s rays. Then, circulate water from the panel to a storage tank, where the hot water waits until you call for it for a hot shower or to wash.
Why Should I install solar water heating?
Free hot water – an average sunny day in Nigeria generate sufficient solar energy to provide all your hot water without using electricity.
Save Money – approximately 50% of your electricity bill could be saved. Using solar water heater systems could drastically reduce the size of installed generator sets.
An investment – solar water hearing system will add value to your property.
Environmental Friendly – solar energy is clean energy. No pollution.
Self-sufficiency – with a solar water heating system you are protected from the ever-increasing cost and erratic
Economics of Solar Water Heating Systems
Comparing using solar water heating system vs. conventional electric water heater in a 50 – room hotel comprising 50 rooms, restaurant, kitchens and laundry.
Hot water usage per day is 3000 liters