15KVA Single-Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer(100v-260v)


A&E 15kva Servo stabilizer (100v-250V) will protect all the electrical appliances both in your home and office.


A&E Dunamis servo stabilizer comes with a wild range of input voltage from 100v-250v and a constant input of  220volts, thus providing a stabilizer voltage supply and protecting all electrical appliances in your premises, both in your home and offices, this includes Electronics, Fridge, and freezer, Smart TV, home theater, Air Condition, Satellite Decoder, washing machine, fans, etc.


A&E Dunamis servo stabilizers are of the best quality and Affordable stabilizer in Nigeria and West Africa, A&E 15KVA servo stabilizer is based on digital technology that provides good protection and wonderful stabilization to all your Electrical Appliance both in your home and offices.


A&E 15KVA servo stabilizer is designed as a central stabilizer to protect all house and offices equipment.


A&E 15KVA servo stabilizer can handle all inductive loads such as washing machines, air-condition, vacuum cleaners, etc.


A&E SERVO stabilizer is built with the modern technology of special transformer of servo technology and it comes with digital control technology.



  • It regulates better than other servo stabilizers
  • It comes with digital control technology
  • Built with better servo technology
  • It’s a wall mount stabilizer
  • It will protect all your appliances over low or high voltage



  • Home appliances
  • Office equipment
  • Medical equipment.