(Grovolts) Ricco 3.5kva/24v Pure Sine Wave Inverter

(Grovolts) Ricco 3.5kva/24v Pure Sine Wave Inverter.

Specification Document for Ricco 3.5kVA/24V Inverter


  1. *Product Overview*

– Model Name: Ricco Pure Sine Wave Inverter

– Capacity: 2.5kVA (3,500 VA / 2 kW)

– Voltage Configuration: 24V DC Input


  1. *Technical Specifications*

– Input Voltage (DC): 24V

– Normal Input Voltage Range: 21.6V – 29V DC

– Output Voltage (AC): 230V ± 5% RMS

– Frequency: 50Hz ± 0.5Hz

– Waveform: Pure sine wave

– Peak Efficiency: >92%

– No Load Power Consumption: <25W

– Output Power Factor: 0.8

– Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <3% on linear load

– Battery Low Voltage Alarm: 22V DC ± 0.6V

– Battery Low Voltage Shutdown: 21V DC ± 0.6V

– Over Voltage Shutdown: >30V DC

365,000 485,000

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Grovolts) Ricco 3.5kva/24v Pure Sine Wave Inverter.


  1. Pure Sine Wave Output:

Experience the pinnacle of power quality with Grovolts’ pure sine wave output, ensuring that even the most sensitive electronics operate smoothly without the risk of damage or noise interference.


  1. High Capacity Range:

Designed to cater to diverse power needs, Grovolts offers a range of inverters with varying capacities. Whether it’s for residential use or larger commercial systems, there is a Grovolts inverter to match the load requirements with models available from 1kVA to 10kVA.


  1. Efficient Power Conversion:

Grovolts inverters boast an exceptional conversion efficiency, minimizing power loss during the DC to AC inversion process. This means more energy-saving and economic operation for users.