DC Solar Water Submersible Pump + Inbuilt Controller Rated


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Submersible DC solar water pump is designed as DC brush motor driving pumps with impellers, by connecting to solar panels directly. The power from solar panels can drive this pump. This type of pump is mostly used in the areas, where lack of electricity or strict requirement for environmental protection. DC solar pump is suitable for pump and drainage water, which doesn’t need a controller. Moreover, the installation is very simple. This type pump is mainly used in homes, institutions, field of power plants, steel mills, mining, chemical, fire, water plants, agricultural irrigation, and other industries.<br (A).Specifications: 1. Voltage: 24volts 2. Power: 200-300watts 3. Max flow: 1(M3/h) 4. Max head: 25m-35m lift 5. Outlet: 1” 6. Solar Panel capacity: 250/300watts – (24volt). 7. Battery Capacity: 24volt 8. Free installation Cable: 10m Higher capacities are available on request.